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Partners | Chesterfield Waterside

The partnership making it happen...

The delivery partnership for Waterside celebrates aspiration, sustainability and success.

Waterside has a true partnership approach at its core, with all members committed to excellent urban design and architecture, people-orientated place making and sustainable solutions.

The development is being led by Chesterfield-based company Bolsterstone Group working in partnership with Arnold Laver Group and Chesterfield Borough Council's award-winning regeneration team which was recognised at the 2013 Placemaking Awards.

Bolsterstone Group Plc is a Chesterfield- based property development and investment company with a strong track record of delivering mixed-use property solutions.

Bolsterstone shares the council's ambition and vision to create a prestigious new neighbourhood for businesses, residents and visitors and a vibrant new part of the town.

Together, the skills and resources of these member companies and organisations will realise this placemaking destination.




Peter Swallow,
Managing Director, Bolsterstone Group Plc.

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