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4,000 jobs to be created in Chesterfield

4,000 jobs are set to be created in Chesterfield over the next five years as many key developments, including Chesterfield Waterside, enter the construction phase.

News of the forecasted jobs for the area was announced at the town’s annual Celebrate Chesterfield event, organised by Destination Chesterfield in association with The University of Derby and sponsored by Central Technologies Ltd and Markham Vale.

More than £1bn of developments are taking place in and around Chesterfield, including Peak Resort, Northern Gateway, Walton Works, Staveley Corridor, Markham Vale and the £340 million Chesterfield Waterside scheme, which is one of the largest regeneration schemes in the country. Each development will create jobs both during its construction phase and beyond.

The UK’s largest leisure development, Peak Resort at Unstone approximately three miles from Chesterfield Waterside, will single-handedly create 1,300 jobs when it opens in 2019.

As well as the residential, leisure and commercial developments, Chesterfield has also been confirmed as an HS2 Station with the maintenance depot to be located in Staveley.

As Chair of Destination Chesterfield Peter Swallow, Managing Director of Bolsterstone Plc, the company behind Chesterfield Waterside, spoke at the Celebrate Chesterfield event. He  said: “Chesterfield is on a journey; one that will see it become a significant and attractive location in the UK thanks to both the current investment and the forthcoming HS2.”

“The town’s connectivity has always been a key selling point, but with the advent of HS2 in 2034, Leeds, Birmingham and London will be minutes away and investors are looking at the area with renewed interest. It’s a tremendously exciting time for the town, as we move from concept to delivery, making it a town of opportunity for everyone.”

Chesterfield Waterside has already been instrumental in creating jobs and driving inward investment in the town. The first phase of Basin Square is already underway.

For more information on the Basin Square development and the completion of the enabling works, please visit here.


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