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A cost-effective location for your business

"NetComposites moved to Chesterfield as soon as it started employing people, choosing the location due to the excellent Innovation Centres, good regional investment, excellent catchment for employees and the beautiful working surroundings."                                

Gordon Bishop, Managing Director, NetComposites


Centrally located in the UK, Chesterfield is superbly connected, well served by two junctions of the M1 (29 and 29a)  and the Midland Mainline, within one hour's drive of four major airports and London is only one hour 50 minutes by rail. The east coast ports of Goole, Grimsby, Hull and Immingham are only 90 minutes away, providing excellent links with continental Europe and beyond.

Sitting within Sheffield City Region, Chesterfield benefits from the world-leading engineering and manufacturing capabilities and investment in the area. Five respected Universities sit within 30 miles of Chesterfield and the town will welcome the University of Derby in 2016 when it opens a campus within the town centre, attracting both home grown and national talent to Chesterfield.

The town and local area has a great pool of talent for all types of business from world leading specialist manufacturers and multi-national communications companies to retailers and distributors. And with over 7 million people within a one hour radius, including students from over 12 universities, it really is a cost effective place to locate your business.

With a vibrant Chamber of Commerce, Chesterfield Champions and other business networking groups, a multitude of business events, a large available workforce, close ties with the cities of Sheffield, Nottingham and Derby, we have all the elements you need to help your business succeed.

As part of the Sheffield City Region, encompassing more than 1.8 million people and approximately 700,000 jobs, Chesterfield has the infrastructure, people skills and vision to support growth. The scope of the City Region's employment offer has led to the development of a skilled and experienced workforce, supplemented annually by the graduates of the Sheffield universities and higher education institutions.

As well as the leading Sheffield and Derby universities on its doorstep, Chesterfield will become home to a University of Derby campus in 2016. Similarly, Chesterfield College is expanding its provision with the aim of becoming the college for employers.

Chesterfield even has its own Marketing Campaign, Destination Chesterfield, led by independent directors within the local business community and responsible for developing a coordinated approach to promoting the town.

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